AERIAL PLATFORM ASSOCIATION OF INDIA is a newly formed company registered under section 8 of the Companies Act 2013 on the 14th September 2016, as a Pvt. Ltd. Co. The main objective of the Association is to create awareness, promote, standardize and protect the interest of all the members who are owners, users, suppliers and manufacturers of Aerial Work Platform and related products in India. The Vision of the Association is to fulfill the objective by providing all kinds of best available support services and skill up gradation programs. The Mission of the Association is aligned with the Objective and Vision and aims at implementing various skill sets and educational programs and initiatives like customized training courses for aerial operators , awareness seminars, cost and inventory controls activity etc, on an ongoing basis.

The ultimate aim or the objective of the Association is to bring all its members on a single platform with a view to foster unity and brotherhood amongst them, upscale their business operations, facilitate smooth functioning of their work and recovery of their dues, keep them abreast of the latest Govt. laws, legislation and taxation policies and market scenario, establish supply chains for spares and tools for equipments , assist in their Image Building and make them lead players in the industry, albeit, with the best ethical and quality standards. And above all, in doing so, assist in conducting various Rural/Urban developments programs and projects to improve the socio economic life of the people in the country, thus imbibing the National Spirit.

To protect the interests of all the members, who are owners, users, suppliers and manufacturers of Aerial Work Platform through all kinds of best available support services and skill up gradation, to enable them to upscale their operations and become one of the lead players in the industry. And in doing so, all the members acquire the best ethical and quality standards.

To encourage , promote and motivate all the members to achieve our vision through various programs and initiatives like seminars, conventions, exhibitions, workshops, conferences of like minded trade or industrial units; training courses and school for Aerial operators; arranging financial/technical support services for smooth running of their business activities; educate to adopt modern or innovative methods of operations, maintenance including effective cost and inventory controls and such other lawful things , acts or deeds which are conducive to the achievement of the main objective of the Association and above all assist in their image building. T create awareness about various legislations and statutory laws of the Government on an ongoing basis. To conduct Rural/Urban development programs to improve the socio-economic life in the country.

Mr. Dharak Dedhia

Excutive Committee Member

Mr. G. Sathiyan

Mr. Manish Maheshwari


Mr. Velan Durai

Executive Committee Member

Mr. Kunal Gala


Mr. Sagar Gadodiya

Excutive Committee Member

Mr. Nitin Gokhale

Vice President

Mr. Meghraj Singh


Mr. Kader Motorwala

Joint Secretary

Mr. Sachin Mirani

Executive Committee Member

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